How successful can you be in China

China is in the news every day. China is at the forefront of many strategic thoughts. And in many Board rooms around the globe, debates are going on when the China-topic is put on the agenda. A lot of arguments in favor of further exploring the huge potential of the country are often countered by horror stories of failures in securing a sustainable pathway. So, how successful can you really be in China? Is growth a given? Are profits for all to take? And where are the pitfalls? Based on more than 15 years of hands-on experiences, this module "How successful can you be in China?" provides a full set of wisdom, insights and recipes for embarking or staying on a steady course in China.

Course Objectives
Explore the possibilities for sustainable, profitable growth in China in an interactive session. During an inspiring talk, full of personal insights, generate your own roadmap for China success. Followed by a Q&A part, learn from the ups-and-downs in an open way. When returning to your usual daily China struggle, put your 8 action points at work and success will follow.

Key Questions Addressed / Expectations
1. What is "The China Dynamic"?
2. How to watch out for "The China Dragon"?
3. What are your 8 do's, 8 don'ts in China?
4. Still, enjoy the journey and learn
5. While remembering simple but powerful lessons learned after 15 years of success in China.

References and Praise
The inspiring talk builds on 15 years of experience on the academic front as well as the industrial landscape. Equipped with an executive MBA from the National University of Singapore, as well as "The People's Republic of China Friendship Award" at the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the PRC, your speaker brings a balanced and profound picture of what can be done in China.

This talk is designed for board rooms executives, senior leaders, management team members and field experts who are already engaged with China and want to secure their success or improve on their failures. All those companies debating whether it is too late to enter China, will find their entry ticket.

Duration and Setting
The session is designed to run for maximum 2.5 hours, including a Q&A part. Group sizes of 20-200 participants are common, in broad settings or in-company forum. Executive groups (10 people) have been accommodated. The session starts with a very dynamic lecture using multimedia methods, followed by an interactive Q&A session. At the end, all participants receive an easy-to-use "Your China Success" advisor.

China Credentials
1. Honorary Citizen of Shenyang Honorary Citizen of Wuxi Honorary Citizen of Weihai Honorary Citizen of Liaoning Province
2. Friendship Award of the State Affairs of Foreign Experts of the People's Republic of China; at the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of PRC.
3. Economic advisor to the Mayor of Weihai